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Virtual Class: Blockchain Made Easy

Want to better understand the power of the $4 trillion web3 ecosystem?

These topics can feel technical and complex, but they don’t have to be. Let us show you the way!

  • Engaging & easy-to-understand material.

  • Small classes for a tailored experience.

  • LIVE answers to your most pressing questions.

Blockchain Made Easy

Learning about blockchain shouldn’t require months of study time or cost thousands of dollars.

Our course is simple, straight forward, and focuses on what matters.

  • Why you should care.

  • What a blockchain is.

  • The role of cryptocurrencies.

  • How blockchains are revolutionizing our world.

No confusing jargon. No technical background required.

Yep! We made blockchain just that easy.

Meet Your Personal Blockchain Guide

“My superpower is explaining complex topics in a simple and engaging manner.” – Matthew

  • Frequent Web3 Speaker

  • Author: Warren Buffet in a Web3 World

  • Registered Investment Advisor

  • Fortune 500 Management Consultant Experience:

    Nike, Jordan, PayPal, HSBC, MUFG

  • BA: Economics; MBA: Finance

A Simple Path to Mastering Web3

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What You’ll Get

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Don’t delay! Each class limited to 25 seats.

Take charge of your future and seize this golden opportunity now!

What People Are Saying

It was very informative & engaging! Love how you broke everything down, the slides and what you were getting across. I absolutely LOVED it! Can't wait for the next ones. You did an amazing job - thanks Matthew!


@block3strategy just put on a crypto education clinic! Flow was great, polls were on the money. Great class and I loved the connection of ancient receipts. Great job!


My friend I had over loved it too! Awesome job!


I think the simple explanations and analogies really helped to make blockchain more understandable.

Les Nichols

What Success Looks Like for You

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and web3 are here to stay! Our courses keep you ahead of the game so that you can:

  • Build a career in blockchain tech

  • Add new channels of revenue to your business

  • Become a resource for friends + family who want to learn more!

Additional Courses Coming Soon!

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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