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Last week, a dozen or so undergrads came into a lecture hall at 6pm to learn about blockchain tech…from me.

I drove 4 hours round-trip to the UNC Charlotte Belk School of Business because they were willing to:

  • listen,
  • come with an open mind, and
  • engage in a meaningful dialogue with me.

Who could ask for a better audience?

Still, they were skeptical. After all, how does a new technology like this apply to them?

So I shared use cases about how the biggest Fortune 500 companies are researching and deploying blockchain tech to better their lives — right now. (e.g. smaller lines at the DMV!)

I talked about why they should care.

I gave them a brief enough introduction to how blockchains work to get them nodding their heads and saying…”wait, tell me more.”

I was stunned to learn that none claimed to own any crypto. But then I remembered that college is expensive AF…

The night before, I pre-filled paper wallets with between $2-$6 of Bitcoin Cash to give them.

The goal was simply to practice sending and receiving tokens. It’s a remarkably powerful exercise for new users. The funds won’t be life changing, but… then again the bags won’t be as heavy.

By the end of the session, each of them successfully created wallets and claimed their first ever cryptocurrencies!

As I gathered my things to leave, some moved to the front wanting to know more. They were asking deeper questions.

I could tell they were seeing the light.
(One of us! One of us!)

It felt awesome.

Unexpectedly, it was the most fulfilling work I’ve done in 2023.
Can’t wait to do it again.

(also! they had a stock ticker scrolling throughout the lobby…so rad.)